Thinking about buying a new home? You’ve come to the right place. Moving home can be an incredibly exciting yet scary journey, but with The Mortgage Architect by your side, you can rest easy. We are committed to getting you through this entire process by helping you secure the best mortgage without hassle and an amazing home to call your own at the end.

Getting Started

You need to start by determining how much you can borrow so you can determine where you stand. The amount you can get will depend on various factors, such as your income, expenses, commitments, overall lifestyle, credit history, and more. Our mortgage planners at The Mortgage Architect can help you figure this out.

Once you know how much you can borrow, combine it with your current savings to see how much funds are available at your disposal right now. Then, you need to calculate all the costs associated with the house and mortgage.

How The Mortgage Architect Can Help

We are dedicated to helping our clients find the best possible mortgage solution. We work closely with them to determine their financial position and health, understand their needs and worries, and then come up with the best financial and mortgage solution that perfectly suit their needs.

Because of our commitment and dedication, we have built strong relationships with all our clients to deliver them the best services for maximum satisfaction. Here are some of the services you can expect:

  • Income and expenditure analysis
  • Advising and assisting loan applications
  • Application screening
  • Providing the latest information on interest rates, borrowing limits, lending criteria, and more
  • Arranging life insurance and mortgage protection options
  • And much more!

Our mortgage planners are well experienced at working with various people such as lenders, estate agents, etc. Hence, we can help you find the best mortgage according to your position. So, call us at 021-4882957 or email us

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