Are you in search of better rates?
Do you want to save thousands on your mortgage?
Are you looking to consolidate debt?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then the solution you are looking for lies in switching your mortgage!

The good news is that we’ve the perfect solution for this seemingly difficult problem. At The Mortgage Architect, our mortgage planners can help you switch mortgages seamlessly.

Benefits of Switching Mortgage


Better Rates

Usually, lenders offer better rates to their new customers to attract them. On the other hand, they could be charging higher rates to their existing customers. Therefore, by switching mortgage, you can become a new customer for a lender and avail of more competitive rates and other features, such as cashback offerings.


Massive savings

The better rates, combined with the shorter mortgage term, means that you end up saving thousands and thousands of euros every year on your mortgage payments. Contact The Mortgage Architect to calculate the exact savings you will get on switching mortgage.


Shorter Mortgage Term

Depending on the new rates and your new monthly premiums, you could end up shortening the term of your mortgage. This way, you can become the complete owner of your house and free of all debts much faster.


Debt Consolidation

Switching mortgages can also help you with debt consolidation. Switching to better rates or terms can help free up some funds that you can use to consolidate or pay off other debts.

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