Yes and no. Since you will have a fixed term and fixed interest rate, the principal and interest amounts will not fluctuate. However, you also need to pay insurance and taxes to, which can vary and cause your overall mortgage payment to fluctuate.

The ideal rate for you can vary from lender to lender. Get in touch with our mortgage planners to determine which lender is best for you. It could well be that your current mortgage provider has the best rates on the market.

In most cases, you can pay a lump sum without penalty if you have a variable rate. On the other hand, if you have a fixed rate, you might have to pay a penalty. The exact amount of the penalty depends on the lender.

Some lenders do offer self-build mortgages, while others do not. We can help you find the right lender with the best mortgage rates and terms.

Most lenders usually factor in such contingencies to cover additional costs. In case of any cost overruns, we will help you negotiate with the lender for better terms. Moreover, since every self-build mortgage case is different, we will go through the costing with the experts before submitting any application.

Mostly, yes. However, sometimes, some lenders can ask for bank statements for the past three months instead of the usual six months. We will help guide you through the entire application process.

The best rate for you will depend on various factors such as how much you plan to borrow, loan to value, etc. When you work with us, our mortgage planners will advise you in choosing the best lender with the best rate according to your circumstances.

Whether you can get a mortgage depends on many factors, including employment, qualifications, and various other aspects. The criteria also differ from lender to lender. We will help you find the right mortgage lender according to your specific circumstances.

If you have a variable rate, you can increase your payment, and we can easily calculate how much you will end up saving. Certain lenders also offer overpayments while on a fixed rate.

Yes, you can retain your own property depending on the lending conditions. However, doing so can lead to certain taxation issues, and it can affect your home loan rate.

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